Digital Shore A Hardness Tester

Digital Shore A Hardness Tester

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Shore A Hardness Tester - Digital Model

The tester consists of the following parts which are all made conforming strictly to the standards laid down:


Indenter Point – It is made of hardened alloy steel, precision ground, as per the standards, protruding out of the tester through the hole in the presser foot.

Indicating Dial – An Indicating dial or scale which is graduated from 0 to 100 divisions; 0 denoting the lowest and 100 the highest degree of hardess  along with the check gauge.

Key Features :

  • Digital durometer for shore hardness testing
  • Pocket size model with integrated probe
  • Bright & clear LCD display

Related Standards:


DIN 53505; ASTM D 2240; ISO 7619; JISK 6253