Pounding Tester

Pounding Tester

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To test the shock absorbance capacity of various types of foam and related materials, Presto Stantest has introduced Pounding Tester. The foam is used in packaging industries to pack the products safely and for home furnishing. The foam is used as a primary property as it quickly gets back to its original shape after the application of force to them. A pounding tester is a testing machine which is used to create the virtual conditions like repeated pressure on foam slab. The test machine is best to simulate the real life conditions that are experienced by a foam slab. The instrument is used to measure the cell structure, hardness index, thickness, cell strength. These properties help to analyze the quality of the foam slab accurately.

The testing device is equipped with a heavy metallic base plate. The force on the specimens is exerted with the help of a circular indenter which is provided with the instrument. The indentation is provided on the specimen with the help of a pulley arrangement and a motor.

Other Information

  • The instrument has a 5 digit, digital pre-settable counter.
  • The instrument works on the fuse of 5 amperes.
  • The testing device can be operated efficiently at a frequency of 58 strokes/min.
  • The instrument can be operated by the motor of ½ HP. 


  • Easy installations
  • Low maintenance
  • Accurate results
  • Easy usage