Xenon Testing Chamber – PSPL 867 – Presto SUN

Xenon Testing Chamber – PSPL 867 – Presto SUN

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To measure the lifecycle of the plastic products and polymers that are exposed to open environment, Presto Stantest has introduced Xenon Testing Chamber – Presto SUN, PSPL 867 Model. The instrument is widely used to accurately measure the effect of various weathering factors when products are exposed off in an open environment for a given period of time. It is an ideal instrument which is equipped with a xenon bulb which emits a powerful energy spectrum that produces the actual sunlight. The machine also has a color temperature of approx. 6000K. This bulb has stable features hence the exclusivity of the light generated by a Xenon bulb does not change during its working. The chambers are widely used to measure the weathering resistance of polymers, plastics, elastomers, etc.

Other Information

The xenon bulb used in the instrument has a rated power of 1.8 KW. The machine is provided with the window glass filter and daylight filter.  The lamp has a lifetime of 1500 to 2000 hours.  The exposure area of the machine is 2800 cm2. The temperature range of the instrument ranges from room temperature +30oC to 90oC. The instrument operates on a power supply of 220 V, 36 A, and 50 Hertz. The dimension of the machine is 940—940—1,735 mm. Net weight of the machine is 400kg.


  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Accurate results
  • Easy usage